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Stressing Out Over Happiness

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Stressing Out Over Happiness

$ 12.00

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by Vic Shayne, PhD

Stressing Out Over Happiness delves into one of life's most poignant questions — How do we deal with stress and find true happiness?

While there are countless self-help books on the market, this one is geared more for those who need scientific evidence to show what’s going on in the brain, body and mind as we are affected by emotional and mental stress.

But Stressing Out Over Happiness does not suggest positive thinking as a solution to our problems because, as leading edge scientists are now showing, an estimated 95 percent of our actions and thoughts emanate from our subconscious minds and the collective unconscious of which modern physicists and psychologists speak.

Stress is one of the greatest obstacles on the road to happiness. And, to understand stress, we must explore how the mind works in coloring and creating our perception of the world around us.

Scientists are now providing empirical evidence on how traditional Buddhist meditation changes brain plasticity and leads to greater happiness, awareness, and inner peace. But, as Shayne illustrates, there are qualities of the mind, consciousness, qualia, and human experience that science has yet to elucidate.

Stressing Out Over Happiness is for those trying to understand the role of the mind in physical, emotional and mental health, the interconnectedness of mind and body, how our conditioning creates our reality, and the means to realize a lasting state of happiness.

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