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Honest Formulas new product names

If you've shopped with us at our old site, you’ll notice that we now have striking new labels and improved supplement names that better communicate the benefits of our products.

The supplements are exactly the same, only the labels and names have been refreshed.

Use the guide below to see the new names of your favorite NutriPlex Formulas supplements.

Previous Name New Name
Adrenaplex Adrenal Energy
BFood Complex BFood Complex
CalMag Balance CalMag
Caro-C Tissue Support
CellPower Cell Energizer
Digestplex Digestive Enzymes
Femplex Female Health Daily
FlavoC Bio-C Food
Green Nutrients Daily Greens
GTF Complex Blood Sugar Balance
Immune Support Immune Support
InflaPlex Inflammation & Repair
ProMin Complex Bone & Joint Support
SuperGreens SuperFoods Plus
VasCor Cardio Support
Vital Defense Detox and Cleanse
Whole Food Complex Whole Health Daily

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