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Detox and Cleanse

NutriPlex Formulas

$ 42.99

Detox and Cleanse
Detox and Cleanse Detox and Cleanse

NutriPlex Formulas

$ 42.99

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100 tablets | NutriPlex Formulas

(previously Vital Defense)


Our bodies are constantly in need of detoxing — from pollutants and even from natural processes that create wastes. Detox and Cleanse offers cleansing foods and herbs to help your body recover faster.

Raise Your Defenses and Banish Foreign Invaders!

Because your body is constantly exposed to poisons from pollution, food additives, environmental waste, and other toxins, your immune system is easily suppressed, which can lead to illness. These symptoms often turn into chronic fatigue, liver disease, and other serious illnesses. The best place to start is by cleaning out your system.

Detox and Cleanse is Used to Benefit...

  • Recovery from sickness
  • Recovery from health problems that affect the liver
  • Processing and absorption of food
  • Immune system function
  • Defenses against disease, both mild and serious
  • Function of all glands, cells, and organs
  • Detoxification diets

For support, adults are recommended to take 3 tablets daily, or as directed by a healthcare professional. Not intended for pregnant or lactating women without consent of a physician.

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