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In Case of Food Poisoning, Use Detox and Cleanse

In Case of Food Poisoning, Use Detox and Cleanse

We all know how food poisoning goes — and it's sheer misery.

Despite how carefully we prepare our food or pick our restaurants, all it takes is eating one wrong thing, and we're stuck spending the rest of the night in bed or the bathroom, wishing we'd opted for the salad instead of the shrimp. 

But how long must we suffer?

Even if food poisoning isn't entirely avoidable, maybe it's possible to speed up recovery from it — instead of spending the next several days weak, exhausted, and slightly nauseated.

Try Detox and Cleanse to speed up your recovery.

As soon as you're able to stomach it, take Detox and Cleanse. It'll help you get back on your feet sooner, reclaiming your strength, your appetite and your energy.

Feel better, faster!

Detox and Cleanse
100 tablets

Our bodies are constantly in need of detoxing — from pollutants and even from natural processes that create wastes. Detox and Cleanse offers cleansing foods and herbs to help your body recover faster.


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