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Fight Off Menstrual Cramps Fast with Cal-Mag!

Fight Off Menstrual Cramps Fast with Cal-Mag!

Is your body's natural cycle causing you pain and discomfort?

Every month, many of us struggle with agonizing menstrual cramps. Sometimes they get so bad that we can't leave the house to go to work, spend time with friends, or even buy groceries. 

It isn't reasonable that you should be debilitated every month.

What if you could get through your period without having excruciating pain? Sure, there's pain relief drugs, but there's a way ease your discomfort without relying on unnatural pain killers.

The proper nutrients can get rid of cramps fast...

Around your period, your body burns through calcium and magnesium faster than usual. And when your body is starved for calcium and magnesium, you end up with cramps.

So what's the answer?

Replenish your store of vital nutrients with NutriPlex's Cal-Mag and stop cramps dead in their tracks!

Take Cal-Mag and say goodbye to cramps!


250 tablets

Cal-Mag stimulates White Blood Cells to Fight Infection, Fever, Inflammation, and Sickness, as well as helps with Wound-Healing and Repair of Tissue. Calcium support is also essential for everyday functions such as heart rhythm, bone growth and cramp prevention.


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