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Exhausted? Power Up Your Energy with Vitamin B

Exhausted? Power Up Your Energy with Vitamin B

Energy is the force of life. It is behind all our functions and actions, so when your energy is low, it’s hard to live a full and active life.

There are several factors that impair energy that you should know about:

  • toxins in the environment and your food
  • a diet with not enough nutrients
  • emotional, mental and physical stress
  • physical and mental overexertion
  • exposure to extreme temperatures

A body that is overloaded with activity and stress is like an appliance that draws so much electricity that it flips a circuit breaker. And if this happens over a long period of time so that you are always exhausted, it’s called chronic fatigue.

You may just call it being wiped out or so tired that you can’t do what you want to do, even if it’s just going out and having fun. Fortunately, vitamin B foods can provide a natural energy boost.

The cells in our bodies contain little energy plants called mitochondria. This is where nutrients from foods — especially vitamin B-containing foods — are used to convert specific molecules into energy. This energy is the driving force that keeps your entire system running — your heart pumping, your lungs breathing, your muscles contracting and expanding, your digestive system digesting, your brain working, and your nervous system happy.

With a healthy amount of vitamin B foods, your body will be able to produce more energy, and you will feel recharged and ready to go again.

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Your body uses all parts of the Vitamin B Complex for different key functions of its electrical, energy-producing cycle — from brain function to digestion to nerve transmission. BFood Complex helps refresh, revitalize, energize and heal this system.


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