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Are Whole Food Supplements Safe?

Are Whole Food Supplements Safe?

Short answer: Yes, if they are REAL whole foods.

Whole food supplements made up of only 100% real foods are as safe and nutritious for you as eating high-quality foods directly from the farm — they're bursting with vital nutrients that your body needs.

That said, be a cautious consumer. It helps to know WHY whole food formulas are safer than your average store-bought supplement brand and what to look out for.

(If you have allergies or certain foods disagree with you, you should always check the ingredients of any product you take.)

Beware of isolates in supplements — they may cause side effects

Supplements that contain isolated (individual or groups of individual) vitamins and minerals are known to cause side effects at the cellular level.

When you remove a vitamin from its natural food complex and insert it into a supplement, your body has to pull helper nutrients like amino acids, enzymes, carotenoids, flavonoids, or minerals away from other parts of your body to break it down and process it.

Not only is this inefficient, it strains your system unnecessarily and can actually create new deficiencies elsewhere.

True whole food supplements, such as the ones in our shop, remain naturally balanced and are therefore much safer.

Watch out for fake "whole food" supplements

Unfortunately, the term "whole food supplement" is not regulated and is often used deceptively. Some manufacturers falsely call their supplements "whole foods", but still include extracted vitamins and other isolates. To make sure you're getting the real thing, check out the ingredient label yourself and look only for names of actual foods.

For example, in our SuperFoods Plus formula, you'll find 20+ real foods such as "organic wheat grass", "organic alfalfa leaf", "organic barley grass" and so on. There are no vitamin isolates or extracts.

NOTE: We post all our ingredient labels on our product pages.

Look for quality sourcing and manufacturing practices

If you're trying to improve your health with supplements, you want to make sure they're made with the best materials. Avoid cheap products from supplement mills that don't care where their ingredients come from.

The ingredients in our whole food formulas are carefully sourced from organic farms and ranches to meet the highest standards of quality.

Before release, all the supplements we carry undergo more than 15 scientific tests at their GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and organic certified lab in California — including dissolution studies, microbial testing, and USDA inspection.

Supplements with real, whole foods are the best and safest

We did a ton of research to find the very best whole food supplements to offer our customers and sifted through hundreds of products.

We ultimately concluded that NutriPlex's line of whole food supplements are the safest, cleanest, and highest-integrity products on the market. They are 100% real foods, they are among the most nutritious, optimally-formulated supplements available.

We're passionate about them, and hope that they bring you good health!

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